How digital engagement transforms commercial banking


Banks increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value by providing more accessible and
personalized points of service.

Banks recognize the promise of digital technologies to their industry. They can better serve
their clients and employees by increasing access to digital services. Investment in digital
technologies has mostly focused on how the customer interacts with their bank​. It is also
important to focus on inter-working teams, inter-company processes, and then synergize all
three to work effectively with each other. In this way, investment in technologies for
digital engagement, among digital technologies generally, is essential for improving
internal business processes, and transforming the customer experience.

Centralizing communications saves you time that
you can use towards serving your clients better.

Employee experience​ impacts the customer experience. Productive internal collaboration
leads to
increased customer satisfaction. Banks need digital solutions with a baseline for
and flexibility to support tools that can be used to improve internal business processes and
customer experience.
At CafeX, we understand what banks need to in order to effectively engage with their clients
over a digital channel. Clients want higher levels of involvement in the form of information
personalization from their banks, and banks need to capitalize on this.

In part, this is because when Relationship Managers (RMs) use digital platforms, they imitate
the level of personalization that they achieve in-person. The RM’s role has been predicated
personal interaction​. With CafeX’s unified approach to communication and collaboration, an
can deliver a high-level, personal service with the added efficiency of being digital.

CafeX makes the transformation to digital engagement seamless and secure by integrating with
the bank’s larger digital framework. With CafeX, banks set up workspaces personalized for
client. This allows the RM to satisfy the high demand for involvement and information on
of the client without having to deliver this material after it’s needed and inefficiently.

Digital engagement with your client should be just
as personal as when with them in-person.

This is significant because it evolves the idea of personalization in banking. With digital
technologies, RMs can provide more informative recommendations to their clients simply
because they have more resources.

Using CafeX the RM can do the following:
  • Record and transcribe all their meetings with clients.
  • Return to transcriptions and map out an investment plan specific to the client’s
  • Share reports and portfolios.
  • Provide links to information and resources or upload them to the workspace.
  • Chat with the client any time; whether on their computer or using the CafeX mobile app.

The client can use their bank’s portal to access CafeX directly. CafeX is the location for
the RM to commune with the client and develop their investment needs.

CafeX provides one accessible location for both the client and the RM to communicate. With
CafeX, RMs have a holistic view into their client’s information so that they can then
present them with recommendations that more accurately align with their goals.

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