Building a successful client engagement strategy

Client engagement is predicated on advisors cultivating strong relationships with their

Clients expect a high level of communication and personalization from their advisors, and
these demands have continued to grow throughout the uncertainty of COVID-19. The success
of advisors to deliver on these expectations now relies on their ability to integrate
the benefits of in-person engagements on a digital platform.

Challo delivers benefits to your client engagements in two key ways:
  • Centralizing communications and increase efficiency
  • Growing your business and being of greater value to your clients

Centralize communications and increase efficiency

Challo enables video conferencing and collaboration across company boundaries for both
clients and partners simultaneously. Whereas most collaboration solutions are built for
internal collaboration, Challo has been built from the ground up with cross-boundary
collaboration in mind. Your clients, vendors, and internal teams can use Challo together
like a virtual office, to meet, discuss, and drive your sales-cycle.

The secure experience Challo offers is entirely browser-based, so the meeting experience is
easy to use and requires no-downloads. Challo works across all browsers on both desktop and
mobile, so advisors can spend their time focussed on the business at hand, not
troubleshooting their client’s technical issues.

Challo centralizes more than just communication, it provides a means for everyone to bring
their content from their online office suites, or application integrations, providing
everyone with a view of the content, while respecting the original privileges and
permissions. This is of huge benefit for multi-step processes that may take more than one
call to complete. The Challo workspace remains for the client and advisor to come back to,
to review, to ask questions, and most importantly, stay engaged throughout the process.

Challo collaboration is transparent collaboration. All parties can see, share, and speak to
content that results in the development of trust between you and your client. Using Challo,
advisors have an arsenal of tools that they can use to take clients directly to relevant
information, so they can make impactful decisions. For example, using present mode to
navigate documents so that advisors can take clients to specific areas their clients need to
know about without the security concerns of sharing your screen. This type of interaction
builds the client confidence and is more like a traditional in-person meeting.

Grow your business and be of greater value to your clients

Challo workspace initialization is flexible; for example, by using a short-code advisors can
intercept high-value prospect calls from PSTN and direct their client directly to a personal
workspace to guide them through multi-step processes.

Workspaces persist for the duration of an engagement, so you and your clients can come back,
find the information they need, and you can continue to evolve the context for their

Unique features such as breakout rooms gives advisors a private space to load financial
review it with their teams internally, seek approval, and then when it’s ready, promote it
the main workspace to share it with the client. Also, document present lets both client and
advisor navigate documents together for an unparalleled personalized experience. This means
advisors don’t have to share their entire screen, and risk sharing sensitive information,
instead only the chosen document is viewed together.

As a platform, Challo provides the option to store meeting recordings, transcripts and other
collaboration artefacts using the company’s storage platform of choice (including: AWS and
Azure). This means that the company has control of its data, choosing where it resides and
ability to perform legal holds and e-discovery. With a full audit trail, rich-replay of
collaboration sessions including video, chat, content share, single-sign on support, and
compliance. CafeX covers it all.

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