What’s new with Challo May 2020

Check out the latest features in Challo.

This post highlights many of the new features added to Challo in May, 2020.

New meeting layouts

  • During a meeting, you can switch between different layouts
  • The following layouts are available:
    • Display the current speaker, filling the window
    • Display all participants in a grid
    • Display all participants as a filmstrip, with the current speaker filling the rest of the window

See: Managing your meeting experience.

Access controls for meetings

  • Now, as a meeting organizer, you can control who can join your meetings.
  •  You can lock a meeting to stop participants joining.
  •  You can use a waiting room to see who wants to join and then let them in.
  • See: Meeting access controls

Create tracks from meetings

  • If you hold a meeting to discuss a topic, you can start a track to continue the collaboration after the meeting ends.
  • After you do this your meeting record moves to your new track.
  • This is a great way to use Challo to start initial conversations and then make them into larger collaboration projects.
  • See: Meeting records and transcripts.

Public and private chat channels

  • When you create a chat channel you can choose if it is public or remains private.
  • Anyone in your organization can find and join a public channel.
  • Public channels are a good way for your team members to discuss open topics.
  • See: Starting a chat channel

Microsoft OneDrive folders

  • The Challo OneDrive application supports folder view and file upload.
  • Add a folder to your track to share all of the documents it contains.
  • You can also upload new versions of files into OneDrive from your Challo track.
  • See: Sharing content from OneDrive
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