What’s New With Challo In March 2020

Check out the latest features in Challo, including chat enhancements, SharePoint integration and easier sharing from Google Drive and Box.

This post highlights several new features added to Challo in March, 2020. For more details, please see the Challo Knowledge Base.

Microsoft SharePoint support

Google Drive folder view

  • Now, you can add Google Drive folders to tracks.
  • When you share a folder view, all of the content that you can see is available to your track members.
  • Sharing Google Drive folders

More Box application features

  • You can download files that you store in Box from your track.
  • Your track collaborators can upload new versions of the file to Box.
  • You can share Box folders on your Challo tracks too.
  • See: Box application

Improvements to chat

  • Previously, chat channels were only available on tracks.
  • Now, you can start a channel separate from a track. If necessary, you can add a track to it later.
  • You can also start a new workspace associated with your chat channel by starting a track.
  • Now you can kick-off meetings from your chat channels and direct messages too, making it even easier to work together.
  • You can choose when Challo sends a push notification from a chat to your mobile or desktop device.
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