Webinar: Shift to Remote Healthcare

About this webinar

In the years ahead, government, insurance companies, and care providers will likely work in tandem to increase access to telehealth, which should result in reduced costs, fewer emergency room visits, and better patient outcomes.

In this webinar your will learn how Challo is helping providers with patient care by allowing :

  • Video consultations with waiting room and lock room features
  • Secure exam rooms that patients can easily access from any device with one click
  • Persistent workspaces for administrative activities or to work securely with external partners
  • BAA to provide full HIPAA compliance

Challo’s virtual exam rooms allow for better care through increased, easy, and secure engagements for patients and doctors.

Please register to attend.  We will provide a recording if you are unable to make it.

Recorded May 7, 2020 11am Eastern | 30 minutes