Webinar: Streamline HR recruiting and remote hiring with online video collaboration

About this webinar

This webinar explains how new collaboration technologies can keep employees productive while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attendees will see a product demonstration focused on the HR recruiting use case. In this scenario, hiring teams need to fill positions as quickly as possible to keep business moving. However, the process to attract, engage and hire the right people often takes too long, which results in the best candidates finding jobs somewhere else. More effective and timely collaboration is needed, especially in crisis situations where everyone is home-based.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Instant video meetings help all stakeholders connect more quickly to move projects forward, in this case to finalize job openings and candidates;
  • Secure online workspaces bring all content into one place, just a click away for team members at any time, including resumes, emails, job descriptions, LinkedIn profiles and other assets;
  • Breakout rooms provide a secure environment for sub-teams to work together, in this case managers who need to conduct video interviews with candidates, recorded and transcribed for later viewing by other team members.

Recorded March 19, 2020 11am Eastern | 20 minutes