The New Frontier of Cloud Collaboration


How teams can use technology to gather external colleagues, partners and clients around their content.

Workers routinely collaborate with external colleagues, partners, and clients. However, existing applications prevent them from bringing in other users and
their content in a way that is scalable, secure, and productive.

Challo provides what existing tools lack; a bridge between internal and external collaborators, and all collaborators to their content. Challo maintains your corporate identity, meaning you can access your files and leverage your applications while giving all parties increased visibility and context. This allows you to bring clients, partners, and colleagues together to deliver personalized experiences that fit how you meet, share, and collaborate.

What is CafeX?

Read how CafeX has progressed from building separate real-time communications products to a single platform for cloud collaboration.

Omnichannel Architectural Decoupling

Read how omnichannel architectures that decouple routing from channels help enterprises preserve business intelligence and adapt to evolving consumer demands.

Improving Meeting Efficiency

Learn about what's next for online meetings, beyond simply connecting participants to making connections more meaningful and efficient.