Streamline Collaboration with our Challo update—February 2021

Check out the latest features in Challo, including a new meetings experience, document presentation and document version control.

Meetings constitute a significant portion of the typical worker’s day. In a recent study, more than 35% of employees found that they waste 2–5 hours per day on meetings and calls with nothing to show for it.

Meetings are still a useful component of work, but meeting solutions to date have not equipped their users with features that allow them to be their most effective. At CafeX, we recognize that meetings go beyond the people you meet with. You meet to share information, and in order to do that effectively you need to draw on content all while staying in the bounds of your organization’s security and compliance protocols. Our latest updates to Challo address all that happens inside and outside of a meeting so that work can be more productive, insightful, and transparent.

Engage with your content and resources

Our new meetings experience allows you to reference relevant content during your meetings. Navigate to different tracks to find and reference resources in other workspaces without leaving the meeting, or switching between applications. View your messages alongside your video so that you can reference any relevant content, and relay it back into the meeting.

Share securely and be confident sensitive information remains out of sight

Use our new Present function to avoid unnecessary accidents sharing documents during meetings. With Present, only specific documents are shared during meetings, not application windows or entire desktops. This eliminates the risk of sharing the wrong window or unwanted pop-ups that can occur with screen share.

Join meetings with options and ease

We have improved the experience for joining meetings, and have given you more control over who can join your meetings and when. Have your guests and other participants wait in the lobby, until you allow them in; where in the meantime, they can check their video and audio settings.

We have also made it easier for you to join when using a phone to dial in. Now you can associate your personal phone number to your Challo profile for faster access to meetings.

Align on changes through document Versioning

By aligning on content before a meeting, you can advance to the next stage of the project rather than wasting time recapping. Challo still ensures that everyone is on the same page by providing one view into the latest content. Now, Challo maintains the previous versions of content so that you can restore a previous version and avoid accidental overwrites.

Meet in line with your organization’s security protocol

Challo has added support for provisioning standards (SCIM) and now lets organizations configure their own identity providers (SAML) to support a wider range of Single Sign-On options.
Improvements to Challo’s auditing capabilities give administrators even more control to monitor the activity of users in Challo.

To find out more about our new meetings features, talk to your Customer Success Manager, or contact sales.

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