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Targeted Solutions

Business Onboarding

Connect processes for faster time to revenue.

Challo prepares Workspaces to guide onboarding end to end, making it easier for you to customize processes, control activity and progress to the next step. Use with employees, partners or vendors.

Client Engagement

Tailor every touchpoint on your client journey with a personalized experience.

Providing a convenient, connected and personalized experience is critical for successful client engagement. Optimize the way you engage clients and customers through Challo’s targeted, agile and adaptable capabilities.

Incident Management

Collaborate for effective and rapid resolution.

Increase the effectiveness of your response and accelerate time to resolution when you orchestrate and digitize your entire response through our unified solution for a better outcome. Create tasks, coordinate your team, and add and reference resources to guide the response.

Corporate Development

Deliver insight to your deals and contracts.

Better manage your opportunities, contracts and deals by connecting all stakeholders and delivering insight across the lifecycle. Challo controls risk and increases operational resilience and deal quality by managing your entire pipeline.

Security is central to everything you do in Challo

  • Extensive logging and auditing features to achieve and maintain required compliance.
  • Easily integrate with your corporate identity systems using SAML and OAuth2 SSO; share data and digital assets across your company with confidence.
  • Comprehensive Role Based Access Control across all system components.
  • Use built-in access brokers to manage partnerships and control collaboration between companies.
  • Military-grade encryption of data in transit and while stored in our system.

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