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40% of Fortune 500 companies will be dead in 10 years, largely due to the threat of digital disruption. Mobile customer experience is becoming the key brand differentiator. Can you business adapt? Disrupt or be disrupted.

NewsWatch Review: CafeX Brings Real Time Communication to Apps

There's a mobile app for everything, but when you're in a company's app and need to talk to a service rep, you are forced to leave the app and dial an 800 number. CafeX fixes this disjointed experience by enabling voice & video calling from the app itself, so you can tap to connect live face-to-face with the right expert, who can see your screen, fill out forms for you, highlight key sections, send you files and links, all from inside the app.

Podcast: Startup Swarms Mostly Imitate, Not Innovate

In this MIT Enterprise Forum Innovation Series podcast, David Jodoin, Co-Founder & CTO of CaféX, highlights how CaféX uses WebRTC in conjunction with rich context to enable enterprises to carry on more meaningful conversations across multiple modalities and touch points along the customer journey.

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CaféX JurisLink

JurisLink uses CafeX video conferencing & WebRTC technology to make it simple for attorneys to interact remotely with inmates in correctional facilities, saving up to six billable hours per visit.

CaféX Holistic Customer Engagement for Mobile & Web

Watch how a customer browsing a company's website or mobile app can escalate from a web chat with one agent to in-app video with a second agent, who can see the chat session with the first agent, co-browse with the customer, push files, and draw on screen. The customer's context is preserved across channels and agents, increasing loyalty and net promoter score.

Customer Live Assist® from CaféX

Light up your apps with video, screen share, co-browse, annotation and more with a few lines of code. Visit to learn more.

CaféX Insurance Demo

Watch how Tiffany gets amazing real-time assistance from her insurance company. She is browsing her insurance company's website and easily launches a video call with an insurance advisor, who can see her screen, co-browse with her, draw on screen to highlight text, and push documents to her.

Live Assist® Demo for Pharmacy App

This demonstration shows advanced online live engagement. A consumer browsing a pharmacy's website/mobile app launches a live voice or video chat from within the app. The clinician who answers the call can co-browse with the consumer, remotely control and draw on the user's screen, plus push files and links.

CaféX & Cisco Light Up Mobile Banking Apps

The fully integrated Mobile Advisor solution from CaféX and Cisco lights up mobile banking applications with embedded video chat and contextual routing to the contact center with IVR by-pass, enabling banks to deliver a rich, customer-centric experience across multiple channels.

Insurance Industry Elevates Mobile & Web Engagement

See the power of in-application video chat & live assist to help insurance companies deliver personalized experiences within mobile apps & websites.

Whitepaper: The Business Case for WebRTC by Aberdeen Group

Download this whitepaper to learn how web real-time communications (WebRTC) can help your company maximize business outcomes for customer interactions that span multiple channels.


Business Value Snapshot for WebRTC

Looking for business case metrics to justify an investment in WebRTC solutions? Download this snapshot from Aberdeen Group to learn the benefits that WebRTC users enjoy.


Case Study: Perfecting the Art of Mobile Engagement

Read the case study by McGee-Smith Analytics of how American Express is using mobile video chat and virtual concierge services to deliver a deeper level of engagement with card members.


Whitepaper: Live Assist® for Mobile Customer Engagement

Read Dr. E. Brent Kelly's synopsis of steps innovative companies are already taking to craft engagement-enabled mobile applications equipped with live assistance and self-service capabilities to deliver a transformational experience and drive very high levels of customer satisfaction.


Case Study: JurisLink

JurisLink legal conferencing services uses CaféX's WebRTC platform to make it simple for attorneys to set up virtual, secure video conferences with clients in correctional facilities, saving up to $1,400 tax dollars per attorney-client meeting.


Whitepaper: Data Driven Customer Engagement

Read our latest whitepaper by Dr. E. Brent Kelly to learn how transformational customer interaction occurs when industry-leading real-time communication and data analytics tools are integrated with the contact center.


Frost & Sullivan Grants CaféX New Product Innovation Award

CaféX is granted Frost's 2014 North American New Product Innovation Award in Mobile and Web Customer Engagement Solutions. Highlights include in-app collaboration, live assistance, and the ability for consumers to switch seamlessly between web chat, voice, video and other channels with contextual data preserved and passed to the contact center for advanced treatment.


Disrupt or be Disrupted InfoGraphic

40% of Fortune 500 companies will be dead in 10 years, largely due to the threat of digital disruption. Mobile customer experience is becoming the key brand differentiator. Can you business adapt? Disrupt or be disrupted.


CIOReview Article on Customer Journey Management

In this special issue on customer experience management, CaféX CTO David Jodoin provides insights about customer journey management, recommending that companies consolidate the journey from multi-touch transactions into a single, fluid conversation.


CaféX Software Maintenance and Warranty Comparison

This document provides an at-a-glance view of CaféX technical services included with both software warranty and Day 2 software maintenance and support.


Ovum On the Radar Report – CaféX Communications

In this research report, analyst firm Ovum recommends that enterprises put CaféX on their radar for WebRTC-based solutions that provide differentiated customer support and enable digital customers to connect more easily with live representatives.


CaféX Brochure

CaféX powers mobile and web apps with contextual live engagement. Read how our WebRTC powered toolkits make it simple for companies to embed video chat, co-browsing, file sharing, annotation and more into apps and websites to transform interactions between employees and with customers.


CaféX Fusion Client SDK Data Sheet

Description of CaféX Fusion Client Software Developer Kit and back-end components that enable web developers to integrate voice, video, instant messaging, presence and application event sharing seamlessly within business applications across mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (JavaScript) platforms.


CaféX Brochure for Financial Services Firms

Driving customer-centric B2C collaboration experiences for mobile banking via enhanced mobile self-service and contact center solutions, including visual IVR that extends existing VXML infrastructure to mobile applications with user data capture for contextual call routing to agents.


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