Core Platform Capabilities


Collect information, assets and communication to add insight to your work and improve processes across the organization.


Transform manual business operations into automated and interactive processes. Create a Challo App to capture and present data for different use cases.


Provide a consistent and efficient way to structure activity using actions and tasks to replace manual activities. Challo’s embedded integration engine connects to external applications and systems, as well as activity within Challo. You can link these together to automatically move to the next stages of work.


Use workspaces to bring you and your stakeholders together to communicate, collaborate and share information seamlessly.

Structured and
Dynamic Tasking

Contextualize your tasks with dependencies, information and communication. This accelerates and increases the efficacy of decision making.


Challo ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data with industry best practices. Role based access controls and customizable sharing protocols allow you to manage your data in line with your compliance requirements.


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Connect information

Our platform uses Workspaces to bring you and your stakeholders together to communicate, collaborate and share information seamlessly. Workspace members can upload assets, or share content through integrations with applications including One Drive, Box, or Google Drive.

Put knowledge to work

Through a unique combination of workflow automation, knowledge management, Challo Apps, and advanced search, you can harness knowledge across the platform. These capabilities make it easier to find and act on information, which saves time, powers better decision-making and improves processes.

Targeted Solutions

Business Onboarding

Build a better onboarding experience with prepared Workspaces to guide the process.

Client Engagement

Transform the way you engage clients through Challo’s targeted, agile and adaptable structure.

Incident Management

Orchestrate your entire response through our unified solution.

Corporate Development

Deliver insight to your deals and contracts. Connect all stakeholders and deliver insight across the deal lifecycle.

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