What are Knowledge Articles?

Knowledge Articles help organize your content and activity, making it easier to find the information you need to deliver your best work. Knowledge Articles can be curated around a specific topic, like a project, process, or report. They deliver insight to each topic by connecting relevant files, people, and data sources, so that you can work from a more comprehensive picture.

Be more productive

Knowledge Articles can link to any other Challo content such as Meetings, Tasks, and Assets. Knowledge Articles can include dynamic data from Challo Apps, and corporate systems, so that you are always looking at the most recent information.

Leverage your information

Eliminate context switching by accessing Knowledge Articles from your Workspaces. The Challo Access Broker controls access to your Articles by inheriting the security settings of your Workspace.

Capture best practices

Prepare Knowledge Articles ahead of time to guide you through processes, and work as you need them.


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