Moving Business Forward In Times Of Crisis

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, use Challo to work from home for free, with video meetings, chat and workspaces that bring everything together.

By Rami Musallam, President & CEO, CafeX

If you’re like me, you’ve been glued to your phone the last few days, watching as the impact of COVID-19 continues to reshape everyday life around the world. More and more people are cancelling their travel plans and self-quarantining. The sports world is shutting down, schools are sending students home and businesses are mandating that employees work remotely. 

Recent highlights

Here are some highlights that most of us know by now:

  • WHO has declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic;
  • Many workplaces have been closed to limit spread and contain the virus;
  • Schools, conferences, sporting events and public gatherings are being cancelled;
  • The situation is predicted to get worse before it gets better.

The scale and speed at which preemptive measures are being implemented is unprecedented, almost surreal. As I talk to our customers and partners, the challenge that many companies face is to keep business moving without compromising the safety of everyone involved. 

Key considerations

Key considerations that are top of mind for business leaders right now include:

  1. Remote employee working: While most companies support working from home for pockets of employees (69% have done so in the US), this pandemic is expected to require virtually ALL employees to work remotely. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t yet equipped to simply flip a switch for all workers across the board. This sudden shift to physically distributed teams drives the need for new collaboration tools that are easy to use and intuitive, matching a face-to-face experience as closely as possible to keep people connected and productive.
  2. Business continuity between companies: Clearly, employee interactions with outside parties can’t grind to a halt during times of crisis. It is critical that companies continue to support engagements with clients, customers, partners and vendors. Activities such as teaching, learning, advising, recruiting and consulting – you name it – all must go on with minimal interruption. However, the bulk of collaboration tools in the market today are designed for internal teams. Users within the same organization can communicate with each other but, for security reasons, restrictions are built in to limit cross-company interactions. To minimize business impact, new approaches are needed that make collaboration outside the four walls as easy as within.
  3. Secure, compliant multi-company collaboration: The challenge, of course, with making cross-company interactions simple is to do so in a secure way. New tools that enforce state-of-the-art security models within and across tenants are more important than ever. Keeping an audit trail of activities, approvals and communications is also increasingly important to ensure compliance with company policies, especially for engagements that span company boundaries. This article by Computerworld covers this area very well.

How CafeX can help

With Challo, our recently launched cloud platform for online video meetings, virtual workspaces, chat and multi-company collaboration, CafeX is in a unique position to address all of these considerations. But this is no time for a sales pitch. Businesses have the responsibility to give back to the community and society at large, especially during times of crisis. 

Image describing free offer of Challo

Free offer to keep your teams connected

With this in mind, CafeX is offering companies free use of Challo for the next three months. We will also provide free access to resources and support for companies affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The main components of the offer include:

  • Your company will have free, unlimited use of Challo until July 1, 2020. All employees and external users will have access to Challo in order to help you address the requirements described above and conduct business with minimal disruption. 
  • Our team will schedule information sessions and provide on-demand resources to help your employees get started with Challo, showing how to collaborate easily and securely through an all-in-one experience. 
  • The first information session will be held on March 19. We are hosting a webinar with a demonstration of Challo. You can register for the webinar here

To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for Challo on our home page.

Stay safe, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts by leaving us a note.

About Challo and CafeX

Transcending company boundaries, Challo from CafeX provides secure, simple, all-in-one business collaboration solutions that function as well outside a company’s walls as within. CafeX was built and is run by veteran technologists who have innovated in telecom, VoIP, WebRTC and online collaboration for some of the world’s largest communications brands for over two decades. The company serves Fortune Global 500 clients in financial services, healthcare and other categories.

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