LA for Dynamics 365 Pricing


Our flexible subscription plans help you empower as many users as needed with omnichannel engagement capabilities fully integrated with Dynamics 365 to help your organization delight customers, improve productivity and accelerate business growth.

Empower agents to engage mobile and web visitors with screen-to-screen assistance within Dynamics 365.
Complement telephone customer service with in-app & in-browser live assistance
Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 USD and web interfaces
Remotely view visitors' websites and mobile apps
Cobrowse visitors' web pages & remote app control
Spotlight and annotation tools to direct visitors’ attention
Push PDF documents and images to educate and guide visitors
Single sign on for easy access
Technical support via email, web portal & live chat
Access to self-help portals & knowledge base
Empower agents with integrated live chat and cobrowse online assistance, plus chatbot support.
Everything in Core
Live chat with website & mobile app visitors in 37 languages
Integrate bots as virtual agents or service enablers
Contextual transition from bots to live agents
Content engagement campaigns with proactive chat
Workflow integration
Canned messages, chat transfer, transcripts, concurrent chats, pre-chat surveys, private messages
Chat agent presence & availability
Chat supervisor capabilities
Monitoring & dashboards
Create & assign chat agent skills for intelligent routing
Empower agents with full omnichannel customer service, including bots, live chat and visual assistance.
Everything in Enhanced
Seamless transition for visitors from live chat to voice and video communication with agents
Use cases include 'see me' and 'see what I see'
Support for websites and mobile apps with no new software for visitors to download or install
Chat, talk face-to-face, cobrowse and share content simultaneously
One or two-way video control for visitors with full screen view
Embedded call window for agents in Dynamics 365

* Based on a minimum of 100 named users for a one-year subscription term. Pricing varies depending on number of users and term duration.