Using the track entry context menu

Each track entry, that you add to a track, has a context menu.

To open the context menu, click on the track resource and then click the ellipse ()

Use the context menu to do the following:

  • Open in a new window—To opens the entry in a new browser window.
  • Show history—To see track members interact with the entry.
  • Show comments—To see comments that track members leave on the entry.

Viewing track entry history

Each track entry has its own history, that records the following:

  • When a track member uploads content
  • The last time a track member views the content

Viewing track entry comments

Each track entry, has its own comments channel. Use the comments channel to work with other track members.

You cannot link comment channels to the track chat channel, or with other chat integrations.

See also: Chatting with track members