Using the track entry context menu

Each track entry, that you add to a track, has a context menu.

To open the context menu, click on the track resource and then click the ellipse ()

Use the context menu to do the following:

  • Open in a new window—To opens the entry in a new browser window.
  • Show history—To see track members interact with the entry.
  • Show comments—To see comments that track members leave on the entry.

Viewing track entry history

Each track entry has its own history, that records the following:

  • When a track member uploads content
  • The last time a track member views the content

Viewing track entry comments

Each track entry, has its own comments channel. Use the comments channel to work with other track members.

If you click a comment, you can reply underneath it. Send replies if you need to leave feedback relating to a specific comment, reducing the number of messages sent to the comment channel.

You cannot link comment channels to the track chat channel, or with other chat integrations.

See also: Chatting with track members