Starting a track using your menu

To start a track:

  1. From the menu, click Tracks:
  2. Click Create track
  3. Complete the Create track panel:
  4. Click Create
  5. Your new track opens:

Opening the track preview

You can open the track preview on your menu:

You can find recent activity for tracks from the preview.
To dismiss recent activity click the dismiss button ().

To manage track notifications see—Receiving track notifications.

See also:

Track ownership

When you create a track you are the track owner. You can transfer track ownership to a new owner.

You can also assign a track owner when you create a track.  If the track owner you assign is from another organization and they automatically accept transfer requests from you, the create track dialog updates to include any custom track fields they require. See: Transferring track ownership.

Receiving track notifications

Receiving email notifications

For the tracks that you are a member of, Challo sends you a track entry email notification when one of the following events occurs:

  • Another track member uploads a file to the track.
  • Another track member adds an application integration, such as a Google Drive or One Drive document to the track.
  • Another track member adds a link to the track.
  • Another track member uploads a new version of a file to the track.
  • Another track member uses an application integration to upload a new version of a file.
  • Important: If someone uploads a file using an application integration folder view, such as Google Drive, Challo does not send notifications.

To configure your track entry notifications:

  1. Open the track menu.
  2. Find the track and click it to open the track preview.
  3. Click the notification button ().
  4. Under Track event email notifications set the appropriate notification level:
    • None—To receive no notification emails from this track.
    • All entries—To receive notification emails from this track.
    • Use your profile setting— See: Updating your profile.

See also: Receiving Challo notifications.

Receiving push notifications

You can configure the chat notifications you receive on tracks too—See: Receiving chat notifications