Setting up voice and video

Setting your device permissions

To join a meeting using your browser, Challo requires access to your microphones and cameras.

When you join a meeting for the first time, your browser prompts you because Challo wants to use your microphone and camera.

The way that your browser prompts you to ask for permission depends on the browser that you are using.

Typically, click Allow, to let Challo use your microphone and camera.
For example, on MacOS using Chrome browser, the prompt is displayed as follows:

If you do not see the prompt, or do not allow Challo to use your microphone and camera, you have to change your browser permissions.

Use the following table to change your camera and microphone permissions for the Challo website—

Google ChromeUse your camera & microphone
See also:
Windows 10 camera, microphone, and privacy
Mozilla FirefoxHow to Manage Your Camera and Microphone Permissions with Firefox
Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 camera, microphone, and privacy
SafariChange Websites preferences in Safari on Mac
Safari on mobileSee: Joining a meeting using the Safari mobile browser

After changing the permissions, you have to reload the meeting, so that Challo can request to use your microphone and camera again.

If Challo cannot use your microphone, you can join the meeting by phone.

Checking your device settings

Check your settings in the following ways:

  • On the Before you join dialog, before you click Join the meeting to enter a meeting
    • Click Settings to display the Your meeting settings panel
  • During a meeting, if you click SETTINGS

From the settings panel, you can change the following:

  • Select and verify your Camera
    • A preview area displays the camera input.
  • Select and verify your Microphone:
    • The sound meter below the microphone drop-down-box displays the audio input from the microphone you choose.
  • Select your Speakers:
    • Click TEST AUDIO to play a sound
    • To adjust the volume, use the Volume bar.
  • Toggle MICROPHONE to enable or disable your microphone before you join the meeting.
  • Toggle CAMERA to enable or disable your camera before you join the meeting.

If you plug in a microphone or camera device too soon, your browser may not detect the device. This means that the new device is not available on the Settings dialog.

Using Jabra headsets

Some people report that they do not see the microphone or camera prompt when they join a meeting, if they use Google Chrome browser and a Jabra headset. If they check their Challo Settings, the headset is not found. Currently, they can use their Jabra headset, if they Change a site’s camera & microphone permissions for the Challo website from ASK to ALLOW.