Starting conversations

You can start chats and conversations with one or more members of your tenancy.

Conversations let you send messages to participants outside of a track or meeting. Conversations can be one-to-one, or with a group of participants. When you send a message to a conversation, all the participants receive it.

You can also hold conversations on Challo tracks, see: Chatting with track members.

Starting a conversation

To start a chat:

  1. Click Chat on your menu ().
  2. Click Start a chat.
  3. Provide the email addresses of the participants to include in your chat.
  4. Click Start.

Including hyperlinks in chat messages

If you include hyperlinks in your conversations, Challo retrieves the social sharing data from the destination and includes it in the chat.

For example, a link to a news article displays in the chat like the following:

Managing your favorite conversations

Use the star button ( or ) to manage your favorite conversations.

Favourite conversations appear on your home screen and also on the chat panel of the menu.

Receiving chat notifications

If you are not viewing the chat, Challo sends desktop and mobile notifications for chat messages. See: Receiving notifications from Challo.