Sharing content from Microsoft OneDrive

If your administrator install and enables the Challo Microsoft OneDrive application, you can use your OneDrive account to add documents to tracks.

To add a OneDrive document to a track, use the Add menu—See: Using the Add menu to share application content.

When a track member views a file from OneDrive, Challo generates the PDF on their behalf.

If you have privilege, to edit the document,

  1. Open the document on the track
  2. Click the ellipse ()
  3. Click Open in new window

To upload a new version of a document:

  1. Click the ellipse ()
  2. Click Upload a new version
  3. Select a new version of the document to replace the old one.

Sharing a OneDrive folder in tracks

If you add a OneDrive folder to your Challo track, then all track members can do the following:

  • Browse the content you can see in the folder.
  • Open the content you can open in the folder.
  • Browse and open any content inside of other sub-directories in the folder.

As with all track content, when you use an application to share a resource on a track, all track members see the resource as you see it. If you cannot see specific files or folders in a folder you share then track members cannot see this content either.

Important: If someone adds new content to a OneDive folder that you share on a track, all track members can see the new content.

Upload documents into OneDrive folders

To upload documents to a OneDrive folder:

  1. Open the folder view in your track
  2. Click Upload
  3. Select the files to upload