Adding content to your track

Track resources are available to all of the members of a track.

You can add the following to a track:

  • Documents and files
  • Links to websites and resources
  • Application content
  • Folders

For a list of content types, see: Track resources

Using the add menu to add track content

To add content to a track:

1Go to your Challo track.
2 Click ADD ()
3 To upload files
  1. Click Upload files
  2. Upload files using the following methods:
    • Drag and drop your files into the Upload area.
    • Click Choose files and use your native interface to select files.
    • Click Choose directory and use your native interface to select a folder and upload all of its content into Challo.
  3. The files you provide upload automatically. The Challo upload limit is 100MB per file.
  4. Review your files; perform the following as necessary:
    • delete files you upload by mistake.
    • upload more files.
  5. Click Done.
To add links
  1. Click Add links
  2. Enter the full URLs of resources to share
    Adding links to other services
    Adding a link to a website
  3. Review your URLs
  4. Click Done.
To add folders
  1. Click Add Folder
  2. The folder appears on the track, provide a name for the folder.
To add content from applications
  1. Click the application to add content from.
  2. Follow the dialog to find and add your content.
    See: Adding application content by using the Add menu

Each file, link, and folder appears as a entry on the resources track.

In addition, you can also add the following Challo resources:

You can also add content to a track, by sending it to the Challo track assistant. See: Sending content to a track

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