Track resources

In a track, your track resources are on the left of your screen:

To view a track resource, click on it.

To manage a track resource, click the ellipse () next to the entry.

The following actions are available on a track resource entry:

  • Rename—Rename the resource in the track
  • Copy link—Copy a link to the resource that your clipboard that you can share with other members
  • St as default track view—The resource you set to the default track view loads first when members open the track.
  • Delete—Removes the track resource

Some resources have additional actions available.

Adding content

There are many ways you can add content to a track.


Entry types

Track resources include entries for the following:

Entity Type and Icon Description
Use the email entity to read the emails your track’s Challo assistant receives.


Emails also include the following Entities:

  • Links
  • File attachments

Challo groups emails with the same subject together, so that you can follow a thread.

Calendar events
The calendar event entity contains details of meetings that track members schedule.
A recurring meeting displays the date of the next meeting event.
See: Holding a meeting
Meeting events
When a meeting session takes place, Challo adds a new meeting event to the track.
File attachments Use the file attachment entity to view attachments


Use the Link entity to visit an external resource

Use folders to organize your content.

Meeting session entries
Meeting recording
Use the recording entity to replay live sessions after they finish.
See: Live session recordings and transcripts
Meeting transcripts
Use the transcript entity to review what was said during meetings.
See: Live session recordings and transcripts

File Types

You can upload any files to a Challo track.  Challo renders the following file types within the track:

  • Web Images
    For example:
    • PNG
    • JPG
    • SVG
  • PDF
  • Documents
    For example:
    • Word Documents
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Powerpoint Presentations

Challo provides members with an option to download file types that cannot render in the browser.

Exporting folder contents

To export or download a folder’s content:

  1. Select the folder and click ellipsis()
  2. Click Export folder contents
    • Challo creates a zip-file for the folder to download, that includes the following files:
      • Any file uploaded to a track
      • Any file you have sent to the Challo assistant.
      • For example, PDFs, Word documents, image files.
    • The following track resources are not included:
      • Files from application integrations, such as Google Drive or One Drive.
      • Emails, meeting records, and meeting recordings.
      • Comments
    • There is a connection limit of 30-minutes to export and download.