Using Challo to manage a long term objective

This article is part of a series of articles about learning how to use Challo. To start the series see: Learning to use Challo.

The following table describes an example scenario that you can use Challo for:

You have a new business opportunity, but you need more information from some of your colleagues.  In this article we use email to control Challo our track.
Starting a new track
  1. You write an email outlining a new business opportunity.
  2. In the body of the email you include a link to a relevant document you keep in your organization’s Google Drive.
  3. You also attach a PDF of the plan of action for the opportunity.
  4. You are missing some important information from a colleague, so in your email, you request that they share it with you.
  5. You send the email to the follow recipients:
    1. your Challo assistant.
    2. one of your colleagues who is also working with you.
  6. Challo creates a new track and then emails you with the details to access it.
    Your new track includes:
    • A copy of your email
    • An entry for the link to google drive
    • An entry for your PDF

See: Starting a track using email

Requesting information from your colleague When your colleague has the information to share with you, they use reply-to-all to email a response to you and your Challo assistant.  Your track records their reply. If they attach documents to their email, you can find them on the track too.


 See: Sending content to a track

Asking your colleague questions You read the information your colleague provides, but you have questions for them. You use the text chat on the track to ask your questions.


See: Chatting with track members

  • Use your existing email client to collate information from different sources on tracks.
  • Tracks remain active while they have purpose.
Your colleague
  • Share information from their existing tool set.
  • Find a suitable time to reply, by using notifications of track updates.
Your organization
  • Teams that work together over a long duration or across projects keep focus.
  • Emails, chat, and documents about the project are all together on the track.