Configuring Google Suite office suite

If you are a Google Suite (G Suite) administrator, you authorize an email address to access drive and calendar events.

Important: You cannot integrate with G Suite if you use a Gmail account that is not part of G Suite.

As an administrator of your G Suite, to install Challo into your G Suite:

  1. From your Challo menu, click Tenant settings

  2. In the Type drop down, choose Google
  3. Click Integrate with Google
  4. Follow the instructions
  5. Challo installs an enterprise application into your G Suite domain

As a GSuite administrator, you manage your Apps from your Google Admin. Challo is a Marketplace app.

Disabling automatic hangouts to events

When you schedule a meeting using Google Calendar, Hangouts automatically adds a video call event to your calendar.

The Hangouts video call overrides the Challo meeting details and stop the people you invite from joining the meeting.

As an administrator, To disable automatic Google Hangout events, see: Disable automatic video calls in Google Calendar