Challo key features

Challo is a collaboration tool for enterprises for working with partners and customers across topics.  Features include:

  • Schedule meetings
    • Share voice and video directly from your browser.
    • Challo supports high definition video, 720HD by default.
    • Join meetings by telephone.
    • Screen sharing from Chrome allows members to view native desktop applications.
    • If you enable this feature, Challo records meetings and provides transcripts for audit and reference purposes.
  • Start workspaces
    • Invite members to use tracks to keep information relating to a topic and your meetings in one place.
    • Share the files and web applications you already use with all members.
    • Coordinate and monitor the tasks your track members have.
  • Chat
    • Track members can share text chat, that members can review.
    • Chat with individuals or groups from your organization.
  • Challo assistants—Email your assistant to:
    • create new tracks,
    • schedule meeting,
    • send content directly to a track.

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