Using a Challo webhook to create a track

To create a Challo track, you use the track.create webhook action.

Your request body contains a JSON payload that includes data that Challo uses to create the track.

Use the following endpoint:


For details on how to establish a Challo webhook, see: Setting up a Challo webhook.

Challo automatically adds the the owner of the webhook key to the track it creates.

Request body

Your application provides JSON content:

JSON nameJSON value description
actiontrack.create—Use this action to create a track.
dataA set of JSON name and value pairs as follows:
JSON data nameJSON value description
titleThe name of the Challo track.
typeSpecify one of the following:
STANDARD—To create a Challo track.
ADHOC_MEETING—To create a meeting.
An array of email addresses to add as track members.
For example:
[ “”, “”]
An array of track fields—See: Using track fields.
Specify the name of field and the value the track requires.
For example:
“name”: “Department”,
“value”: “Sales”

Example create track request

##Example Create track request##
POST /be/webhook HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer 
Accept: */*
content-length: 345

	"action": "track.create",
	"data": {
		"title": "Example track",
		"type": "STANDARD",
		"members": [
		"labels": [
				"name": "Department",
				"value": "Sales"

Example create track response

##Example Create track response##
200 OK
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

  "data": {
    "trackId": "4abf4640-8bf9-4f2f-9699-54b8b6ccbbrc"

Your application can use the value of the trackId to update the track in future requests.