Configuring your track details

To update or configure the details of a track:

  1. Go to your track
  2. Open the track OVERVIEW
  3. Click Configure
  4. Update your track:
  5. Click Update

The following configuration items are available:

TitleThe track title, as it appears on the fast track menu.
SubtitleProvides a short subtitle for your track.
SummaryProvides a long and detailed description of your track.
Record meetingsEnable to automatically record all meetings that track members have on the track.
Icon and colorProvide a small image file to identify your track. If you do no set an icon, CafeX displays the first character of the track title.
Request transferSee: Transferring ownership of a track
Default viewWhen members open the track, they are taken to the default view resource you specify. If you do not select an item, members are taken to the track overview.

In addition, use this dialog to set and update track fields. See: Using track fields.