Sharing your screen

To share your screen, during a meeting session:

  2. When you screen share, you use browser specific interfaces.
    On the Share your screen permission window, select either:

    • Your Entire Screen (in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge)
    • Application Window (in Chrome)
    • Chrome Tab (in Chrome)
  3. Select the appropriate screen to share.
  4. Click Share
  5. CafeX notifies you at the bottom of the screen that you are sharing.
    • To hide the notification, click Hide


  • Only one person can share their screen at a time.
  • Chrome and Firefox need permission to access you camera to be able to share you screen.
  • You can only share your screen if you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. You can only share your application when you are using Chrome. Participants who are using any other browser cannot share their screen, but they can view a screen shared by another participant.
  • If you your screen share includes your CafeX meeting, a receding set of nested screen images is displayed; this can be confusing for your meeting participants—consider minimizing your browser, or moving to another tab, if appropriate.
  • It may not be possible to share applications that use Chrome or Chromium libraries, other than Chrome itself.

To stop sharing, either:

  • If the notification bar is at the bottom of screen, click Stop Sharing