Setting up voice and video

To check your settings in the following ways:

  • On the Check your settings dialog before you click Continue to meeting to enter a meeting
  • During a meeting, if you click SETTINGS

You can:

  • Select and verify your Camera
    • A preview area displays the camera input.
  • Select and verify your Microphone:
    • The sound meter below the microphone drop-down-box displays the audio input from the microphone you choose.
  • Select your Speakers:
    • Click TEST AUDIO to play a sound
    • To adjust the volume. use the Volume bar.
  • Toggle MICROPHONE to enable or disable your microphone before you join the meeting.
  • Toggle CAMERA to enable or disable your camera before you join the meeting.

If you plug in a microphone or camera device too soon, your browser may not be able to detect a device and you cannot choose the new device from the Settings dialog.