Presenting content

During a meeting, you present content to take participants to track resources to display without leaving the track. Presenting does not share the content of your screen. It directs track members to the content you view within in the track. Participants open the content in the track and obey the permissions that CafeX provides; for more detail see: Sharing resources.  CafeX can display a PDF of track resources for Guest participants who are not track members.

Track members do not have to view your presentation, they can stop, return to the meeting, or view other track content.

To share your desktop or applications, see: Sharing your screen

During a meeting, to present content:

  1. Use your track to navigate to the content to present.
  2. Click the PRESENT.
    Important: you cannot click PRESENT if you are viewing the video of the meeting session.
  3. You now present this content to all meeting participants.
  4. If you move to another track resource, participants follow you.

To stop presenting content, perform one of the following:

  • Click Return to video
  • Click PRESENT
  • Click the Active speaker in the meeting activity command
  • Click the video of participant

When following a participant’s presentation, to switch between the active video and the presenter click the appropriate choice on the meeting activity.


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