Sharing resources

If you are using Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, or other applications, track members share content directly from these file hosting services, rather than upload files to your data store.

Instead of having to use links to add resources from other applications and manage access permission, CafeX provides the following ways for you to find and share files and content with track members:

  • Office suite integration for your organization.
  • Applications accounts for your organization, available to all of your members to use.
  • Application accounts of track members.

Access track resources

Displaying content in a track

When you add content to a track, the content members see, obeys the following:

  • When you log in to CafeX and view track resources from other services, you use the identity you log in as to access the resource.
  • If the document is accessible to CafeX, it can create a PDF for track members who normally cannot view a file.

For example:

  • If you authenticate with Google to use CafeX, you access Google Drive content with the same identity and with your normal privileges.
  • If you authenticate with Microsoft to use CafeX, you access Microsoft Office 365 content with the same identity and with your normal privileges.

Use the following table to determine how link you add to tracks behave for your track members:

Accessible to CafeX Not accessible to CafeX
Accessible to your identity You access the content as yourself, with the same identity.
  • The track displays Unauthorized document.
  • You access the content as yourself, with the same identity.
Not accessible to your identity CafeX retrieves the file and produces a PDF to view, unless the services takes precedence.
  • The track displays Unauthorized document.
  • You see a failure from the service hosting the file.

To make a document accessible to CafeX:

  • Use the Add menu to share a document, see: Using application on the Add menu.
  • Share the resource to your CafeX track assistant if you have setup CafeX office suite integration. This gives access to CafeX to generate PDFs for your track members without access.
    • Important: It is possible that the anonymous sharing link remains on your track, remove it if necessary.
  • Share the resource with your CafeX assistant.
    • Important: If you share a resource with your CafeX assistant, any member of a track can view the resource, including members without access to the resources.
  • If your CafeX assistant has a mailbox inside your organization, make the resource available to anyone in your organization.
  • Make the resource available to the public.

Presenting content

When you present track content during a meeting, CafeX displays the content for meeting participants to view.  CafeX provides temporary access for guest participants who are not track members and displays documents and resources as PDFs when you present them.  Guest participants cannot access the track resources when you are not presenting content.  See: Presenting content.

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