CafeX architecture

High level architecture

CafeX is a highly available cloud service that provides secure collaboration workspaces.

For an introduction to CafeX and its features, see: CafeX overview.

CafeX has integrations for several applications to provide your members with access to features. The following types of integration are available in CafeX:


  • You manage your organization’s members and can invite other people to your tenancy.
  • CafeX provides an authentication service; in addition, you can use Google or Microsoft single sign-on services (SSO), to log into CafeX.
  • See also: CafeX security datasheet—Authentication Security

Cloud storage

  • Your organization can provide its own cloud storage account, for the data you store with CafeX.
  • If you configure your own data store, CafeX does not store this content; instead CafeX connects to your storage account to access the data as your track members require.
  • CafeX does maintain meta-data for your tracks; for further details, see: Setting up CafeX—Setup your datastore.
  • All of the data that CafeX holds, or that CafeX stores in your cloud storage account, complies with the processes, encryption, and certification of the CafeX security datasheet.

Assistant integration

  • Your organization can designate one of your mailboxes for CafeX to connect to operate as a CafeX assistant.
  • CafeX stores emails on tracks; on the cloud storage you configure.

Collaboration integration

  • CafeX provides many integrations to different applications so that your track members can share and access content while using CafeX.
  • Organizations manage the integrations that are available to their members.
  • Collaboration integrations are available in the following ways:
    • Across your organization—For example, providing access to documents in your organization’s file storage account.
    • For individuals to manage—For example, someone in your organization can provide access to documents from their own file storage account.

CafeX integrations

The following diagram provides an overview of available CafeX integrations. The diagram expands the collaboration integrations and provides examples of applications CafeX integrates with:

In the diagram, integrations on the configuration lines apply to your organization; they control how CafeX interacts with your organization.

Integrations on the collaboration lines can apply to your organization too; and in addition, they can allow individuals to manage their own integrations with CafeX.

The Cloud suite lines include applications that cloud office suites provide that CafeX can integrate with.

Further reading

For steps preparing your organization to use CafeX, see: Setting up CafeX.

To install collaboration integrations. See: Managing applications

Clients connect to CafeX using a set of different ports and protocols. For full connection details see: CafeX service ports and addresses.

For information about compliance and data security, including ISO27001 and HIPAA, see: CafeX security datasheet