Your fast track menu

When you log in to CafeX you see your personal track.

As you join and start tracks, your fast track menu collects them together.

To open your fast track menu, click the button for your organization, in the top-left side of your screen:


If there are more buttons, below your organization, it is because you are a member of a track in another organization.  See: Viewing tracks from other organizations.

To open a track, click on it, see: Your tracks

The fast track menu has the following:

Fast track menu button Description
My Track
See: Using your personal track
Meet Now
Takes you into your personal track’s meeting.
Start a track:
Click +
See: Starting a track from your fast track menu
Your Avatar
  • Update your Profile settings ()
  • Click What’s new to read about recent changes to CafeX (mceclip0.png)
  • Log out of CafeX ()
Search locates tracks with names that match the text you provide.
See: Searching from your fast track menu
The red dot indicates that the track has updates since your last visit.
If you are a tenant’s administrator, click the Tenant settings button to view modify your CafeX tenancy settings.