Managing applications

As a tenant’s administrator, manage applications on CafeX to provide the following:

  • Retrieve content that your organization stores in the application to allow track members to view it.
  • The track add menu includes applications your members use to choose the content to share on any track that they are members of.
  • For each application you install, you specify the following:
    • whether to enable the application for your members.
    • whether your members configure their own accounts to share content.
  • Depending on the application, you specify the following configuration:
    • Configuration from your office suite integration.
    • Configuration to access your organization’s application account.
    • Configuration to allow your members to configure their own accounts,

    Not all of the configuration options are available on every application, see: Using applications on the Add menu.

Important: Your configuration applies to the members of your organization. A track member from another organization can use their applications on your tracks regardless of your configuration.

Installing an application

As a tenant’s administrator, to install an application:

  1. From the fast track menu, click Tenant settings
  2. Click Management > Applications
  3. From the available applications, click Install for any that you require.
  4. The applications you install appear under the Applications heading, where you configure the following:
    • Box
    • Google Drive
    • Jira
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Salesforce
    • Slack
    • Smartsheets
    • Zendesk

You have to enable applications to let track members use them.

Configuring an application

As a tenant’s administrator, to configure an application:

  1. From the fast track menu, click Tenant settings
  2. Click the application to enable under Management > Applications
  3. As you require:
  4. Click Update.