Using CafeX for an on the spot meeting

To start a meeting with very little notice, use your fast track menu to host the meeting. CafeX provides everyone who signs up with a meeting that is ready for you to use at any time.
Starting a meeting To start a meeting session, from your fast track menu, on the meetings panel, click Meet now.
Invite participants You can invite participants in the following ways:

  • sending them an email with the meeting details
  • sharing a link to the meeting with them
  • providing their phone number for CafeX to dial out to them.

See: Inviting people to your meeting

Screen share content Use screen share to display applications or your desktop to meeting participants:

See: Sharing your screen

  • Without any setup, you always have a meeting ready to use.
Your colleague
  • Colleagues do not have to sign up, log in to access your meeting.
  • They have multiple ways to join and start discussing the topic.
Your organization
  •  Meetings can be started with very few steps.
Taking it further