Signing up for CafeX

To sign up for CafeX:

  1. Visit
  2. Provide your email address and click Sign Up.
    Or use one of the following providers where appropriate:

    • An external provider link, from one of the following:
      • Google,
      • Microsoft
  3. When you click Verify, in the email you receive, you are ready to start using CafeX.

When you sign up, CafeX creates a new tenancy and makes you a tenant’s administrator, unless you join an existing tenancy.

After you sign up, you setup additional providers to log in to CafeX.

Login with Microsoft supports the following:

  • Azure AD work accounts
  • Azure AD personal accounts
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Windows Live

Important: If you are a system administrator for an enterprise, register your organization’s email domain with your CafeX account manager. When someone signs up with a matching email domain, CafeX adds them to your organization’s CafeX account automatically.