Bruce Marler By Bruce Marler
9月 19, 2016

According to this white paper from Aberdeen Research, co-browsing helps businesses improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and drive revenue growth.

It’s relatively simple to provide. The user is typically on the phone and the web with tech support. When prompted, he or she simply clicks an icon, reads a code to the agent, and Voila!, they are connected and working as a team. In omnichannel environments, co-browsing is made even simpler because the technology is embedded right within the website using simple integration tools such as CaféX’s Live Assist Kickstart.

While co-browsing is a staple in technical support use cases, it represents only the tip of the iceberg. Employing co-browsing can be a huge enabler in a multitude of customer engagements that far exceed the usual support paradigm.

Consider enhancing online sales opportunities as agents become interactive personal shoppers – with intimate knowledge of inventory, as well as customer purchase history. The potential for upsell, cross-sell, and reduction in cart abandonment is enormous.

Or, in the financial services world, co-browsing is ideal to help customers identify the right loan, investment, or service, helping them throughout the process within a single conversation. The multi-touch interaction of co-browsing can empower an agent to more easily address questions, intuitively guide the customer, and strip time and complexity out of the entire process. A win for both sides.

To learn how simple it is to add co-browsing to your customer’s experience, check out the solutions at CaféX.