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Make omnichannel feel channel-less: give customers what they really want

By CafeX 5月 15, 2018

Every organization is under pressure to be more omnichannel. But why? What do your customers really want, and how can you achieve it?

CaféX News: GDPR & ISO27001 Update

By Rob Hill 5月 4, 2018

Certification assures the company’s information security practices are compliant with stringent international standards.

What's New? Latest Release: Live Assist for Dynamics 365

By John Mathew 4月 30, 2018

Today marks the launch of the latest version of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Building upon the already remarkable list of features, this release empowers organizations to do even more to improve their customer service approach, make life easier for their staff and to resolve issues both quickly and seamlessly.

The Perfect Customer Service Approach: What Really Matters?

By CafeX 4月 26, 2018

We live in a disruptive age, with breakthroughs in cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence deployed frequently to deliver new customer experiences. 

To Put Customers First, Put CRM First + Other EC18 Takeaways

By CafeX 3月 22, 2018

Enterprise Connect 2018 featured many innovations in UC & CX, with a focus on mobile & web apps, omnichannel engagement via CRM & team collaboration...

GDPR Simplified & How CaféX is Ensuring Compliance in 2018

By Rob Hill 3月 21, 2018

Everyone has heard of GDPR but what is it and what does it mean? Here's a simple explanation of General Data Protection Regulation & our approach to compliance.

Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence - How to Add Them Now

By Sandra Thomson 1月 29, 2018

Is your organization wondering how or when to add articial intelligence (AI) to customer engagement? Chatbots *are* AI and now *is* the time to integrate bots. Here's how to do it, without fear...

How CaféX Ensures Secure Live Chat & Secure Team Workspaces

By Rob Hill 12月 14, 2017

When vetting SaaS providers & choosing online collaboration tools, regulatory compliance & information security are key requirements; here's what CaféX is doing to ensure our chat and workspace software is secure...

Collaboration is Key in Canada: 3 Takeaways from SAAS North 2017

By Sandra Thomson 12月 12, 2017

Collaboration is key in bringing products to market: when customer needs are the focus, teams have common goals, and the workplace is diverse, everybody wins. Here are 3 takeaways for those unable to attend...

The Power of Team Collaboration with Multi-Language Support

By Rohanne Strange 11月 29, 2017

The national language of any country is a near and dear, true treasure to its people. And, these days, we don’t have to go far to find someone who’s bilingual or even multi-lingual. CaféX is no exception. Throughout our global employee presence, we speak 25 different languages. Yet, with 50% of CaféX employees based in the vibrant city of Cardiff, Wales in the UK, it’s saddening that only a handful of us actually speak our national language.