Improving Meeting Efficiency


Online meetings are commonplace in businesses of all sizes today. While meetings have been a large part of enterprise daily life for well over two decades, it is only in the last few years that the basic underlying technology that connects people with voice and video is becoming commoditized.

This paper considers the next steps in meeting technology evolution, beyond simply connecting participants to making those connections meaningful and efficient. Enhancements range from understanding how to make participants themselves more effective to analysis of meetings at the organisation level.

Transforming Private Equity Governance

For private equity firms, a strong governance framework is more important than ever. Effective oversight and partnership with portfolio companies helps firms implement transformational initiatives that drive growth and mitigate risk. Two key factors underpin the success of these value building strategies. Clearly, reporting that is consistent, readily accessible and actionable is now table stakes.

What is CafeX?

Over the years, CafeX has produced several software products. These include the Fusion suite providing on-premise voice, video, and co-browse interactions, to Supervisor Assist optimising call centers with sharing and chat, to more recently cloud-based multiparty voice, video and collaboration solutions.

Omnichannel Architectural Decoupling

It is clear that omnichannel architecture is playing a large part in the enterprise IT strategy dealing with customer engagement. The number of channels available to consumers through social networks, chat systems and other new medium approaches is growing rapidly.