Drive digital transformation through your User Experience

Transform your key processes with custom Challo solutions

We believe that the best way to deliver value is through solutions that are optimized to your business processes. That is why we offer Fast60. Fast60 is our commitment that you will gain productivity, improve business results, and deliver impact with our platform.

We partner with your team to identify bottlenecks, and solve them by building and deploying a solution with you in 60 days or less. You only pay for platform licenses if you choose to use the solution. Contact us for program terms and conditions.

Your business needs a transformational solution

We believe that creating powerful solutions comes by leveraging your existing resources. However, most legacy and architecture solutions cannot adapt to today’s processes on their own. This legacy approach creates inefficiencies, information silos, and barriers to develop new offerings and services. We have seen first hand how our customers lost knowledge, productivity and insight from this approach.

Fast60 is backed by the mission to address these challenges, and deliver a streamlined, digital, and scalable experience that is targeted to your business’s processes.

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