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Why You Need Intelligent Orchestration For Dynamic Customer Engagement

Download this whitepaper to learn why intelligent orchestration is critical for maintaining context, delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business strategies. 


Omnichannel Customer Care: How to Deliver Context-Driven Experiences

Using more channels is no longer enough for companies to differentiate themselves. Savvy firms outpace others by optimizing how they use numerous channels to manage customer conversations. This is where omnichannel comes in.


CRM First: Laying the Groundwork for Outcome Focused Customer Engagement

Download this whitepaper by McGee-Smith Analytics to discover how district m, a full-service advertising exchange expanded the use of their existing CRM tool to achieve the scalable customer care approach they were after with great success.


Omnichannel for Microsoft Dynamics 365: 6 mission-critical questions to ask

Read this whitepaper to learn what vital questions businesses should be asking themselves before determining which omnichannel solution is best for their bank account, the productivity of their front line agents and most importantly their customers.


Using Group Workspaces to Achieve Business Outcomes

Download this whitepaper by Dr. Brent Kelly to learn how guided virtual workspaces offer new collaboration capabilities in areas such as wealth management and community outreach to drive business results beyond what traditional tools can deliver.


The Value of Real-Time Collaboration and Analytics to Drive Proactive Customer Service

Read this whitepaper by J Arnold & Associates to learn how a collaborative approach to supporting agents with both real-time communication and actionable information is the way forward.


Bringing Omnichannel to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Read this whitepaper by McGee-Smith Analytics to learn how Dynamics 365 users can extend in-app support to mobile and web touchpoints to enhance customer engagement across digital channels.


Nemertes – Achieving the Promise of Pervasive Collaboration

Learn how WebRTC alternatives are emerging to revisit the promise of browser-based, plugin-free, rich communications for delivering business value.


Aberdeen – The Business Case for WebRTC

Read this whitepaper by Aberdeen Research to learn how WebRTC helps companies improve agent utilization, increase service levels and maximize customer satisfaction.

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Aberdeen – The Business Benefits of Co-Browsing

Read this whitepaper by Aberdeen Research to learn how co-browsing technology helps companies achieve key contact center objectives, including increased revenue, lower cost per call and higher customer satisfaction.


Kelcor – Engaging the Nomad with Live Mobile Assistance

Read this whitepaper by Dr. E. Brent Kelly of Kelcor Research to learn how companies are reinventing customer engagement while preserving existing communications, contact center and mobile application technology investments.