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CaféX Supervisor Assist for remote agent coaching from any browser during customer calls

Watch how CafeX helps contact centers improve performance by enabling supervisors to listen to, observe and interact with agents in real-time during customer calls directly from any Web browser.

CaféX Live Assist helps banks delight customers online

Watch how banks can provide customers with live video engagement within mobile applications and websites to improve satisfaction. Bank representatives can co-browse, annotate and share documents with customers to help answer questions more quickly.

CaféX Live Assist helps insurers respond faster to clients

Watch this video to learn how insurance companies can use CafeX Live Assist to help solve customer problems faster. Company experts can connect instantly with customers through co-browsing, video chat and more within mobile and web applications.

CaféX Live Assist enables face-to-face healthcare from virtually anywhere

Watch this video to see how clinicians can interact face-to-face with patients who are at home. With CafeX Live Assist, doctors can share documents with patients, annotate over their app screens or web pages, and help patients fill out forms.

JurisLink and CaféX help legal services save time and money

JurisLink uses CafeX video conferencing and WebRTC technology to make it simple for attorneys to interact remotely with inmates in correctional facilities, saving up to ten billable hours per visit.

Digital disruption is here – is your business ready?

40% of Fortune 500 companies will be dead in 10 years, largely due to the threat of digital disruption. Mobile customer experience is becoming the key brand differentiator. Can your business adapt? Disrupt or be disrupted.

CaféX omnichannel engagement optimized for mobile and web

Watch how a customer browsing a company's website or mobile app can escalate from a web chat with one agent to in-app video with a second agent, who can see the chat session with the first agent, co-browse with the customer, push files, and draw on screen. The customer's context is preserved across channels and agents, increasing loyalty and net promoter score.

CaféX is about making together happen

What happens when people get together? Understanding, potential, opportunities happen. Together is a big idea and we at CafeX are passionate about it, because when 'Together' gets to work the possibilities are endless. We create elegant pervasive experiences that are as natural as being face to face, so that people can connect, bond, express themselves, forge relationships and sustain them. We are the makers, the facilitators, the catalysers of ‘Together’.

CaféX wins Best of Enterprise 2016 award

CafeX wins the best of show award for the second time in three years at the collaboration industry's premier event. CafèX Meetings makes collaboration pervasive throughout the enterprise by removing barriers such as cost, interoperability and ease of use.