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Enterprise Ready WebRTC

Embed real-time communication easily in mobile and web apps with a secure onramp to your company's infrastructure.

Web & mobile friendly

Extend HD voice and video calling to iOS and Android apps with native integration. Avoid plugins for Web browsers too. CaféX was among the first to bring WebRTC to mobile apps, support all major browser platforms and integrate with existing enterprise communications systems.

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High definition media

Deliver services that ensure the highest audio and video quality with built-in security. Use Opus for unmatched audio performance over the internet into the enterprise. Support either H.264 or VP8 HD video codecs across web and mobile apps to minimize transcoding but still provide it if required.

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Network adaptable

To account for changing networking conditions, developers can control picture resolution and frame rate or drop down to audio-only. Picture Loss Indication (PLI) and Negative Acknowledgement (NACK) help surmount packet loss, while adaptive rate control reduces video bitrate dynamically if network conditions degrade. An API allows for display of network quality.

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Enterprise ready

Connect WebRTC powered mobile apps and websites to your existing business communications systems at unprecedented scale. Connections simply appear as SIP trunks to enterprise UC and contact center systems. Used by some of the world's largest companies, our reliable solutions speak to CaféX's heritage in carrier-grade SIP application services.

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