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“Solutions like Supervisor Assist that facilitate real-time assistance for agents during customer
interactions can help companies improve quality assurance.” 

— Eric Rossman, Vice President, Developer Relations, Avaya


Resolve calls

Improve FCR with lower handle times

Transform experiences

Increase customer satisfaction and NPS


Reduce training costs and agent turnover

Train and monitor contact center agents in real time. Anywhere.

  • Live audio call monitoring from any web browser
  • Text chat and see agents’ screens during calls
  • Remotely click thru their desktops and spotlight key information

Add value to agent call recording and quality assurance initiatives with real-time call monitoring during customer conversations. Onboard agents faster for less, thanks to live mentoring from peers, experts and supervisors over the web. Ensure that your team’s wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience is transferred to new hires.


De-escalate customer calls with proactive intervention.

  • Agents can  ‘raise a hand’ virtually to request live help
  • Dynamic escalation to experts beyond the contact center
  • Auto-escalation driven by real-time analytics and dashboards

Reduce the time customers spend waiting on hold by giving agents immediate help during escalations. Experts across your company, not just supervisors, can assist agents during campaigns and product launches. Real-time dashboards and omnichannel analytics can proactively auto-notify supervisors of potential fraud situations or other calls that warrant immediate supervisor intervention.

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