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AvayaCaféX Supervisor Assist

Proactively coach, monitor and interact with contact center agents live from any Web browser during customer calls.

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Live agent monitoring from anywhere

Contact center supervisors or mentors can simply click within any Web browser to listen to conversations between agents and customers during live calls. Observation also extends to the screen, as the supervisor can view the agent's desktop, even if it spans one or more monitors.

Coach, chat & share during calls

Supervisors can also coach agents live during customer calls. Whether it's dropping helpful tips in a web chat window, using a spotlight to highlight important details on the agent's screen, or clicking through the agent's desktop, mentors can help agents at the point of interaction.

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Improve agent effectiveness

With agent turnover levels at close to 50% annually, Supervisor Assist helps contact centers reduce attrition and training costs, since agents can be coached from anywhere. Live coaching can help identify learning and advancement opportunities so that agents can stay motivated and be more productive.

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Elevate customer experience

Live coaching and on-the-job training elevate agent skillsets. As a result, service levels are higher and more consistent. Supervisors can also be more proactive in preventing management escalations by callers. Agents are better equipped to promote upsell and cross-sell revenue opportunities with customers.

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