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CaféX Spaces

Easily create outcome-driven virtual workspaces that allow guests and colleagues to collaborate with a single click. Use one space to share files, grant approvals, and sign contracts - all while remotely walking members through their deliverables - to achieve better results faster.

One stop shop for online training 

Email inboxes were getting out of control, and the costly cocktail of collaboration tools was taking its toll. After a few false starts, a Canadian government training organization found a one stop secure shop for its training programs and content distribution, while at the same time saving costs. 

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One click access

With Spaces, your external users and colleagues can access a secure virtual workspace with one link. Bring your existing collaboration tools into one place to avoid downloading new software or switching between applications. Instead of being inundated with emails or reminders, quickly view and execute on your to-do lists.


Live remote walkthrough and
ad-hoc meetings

Meet with your stakeholders via video or audio in a personalized workspace and guide them to execute on their to-do lists. Use live sessions to remotely walk them through processes. Have forms filled out and signed faster than ever before.


Easy to customize by LOB

Is your IT department oversubscribed? Empower your line of business  administrators to create and personalize directed workspaces in minutes. There's no IT configuration or control needed. Invite members from your teams and remove them when their involvement is complete. Business leaders can focus on outcomes with a clear view of who, when and what has been done. Receive audit logs for all actions and archive after each outcome is achieved.