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CaféX Omnichannel Integrations

Streamline experiences across all channels to unify customer journeys.

Omnichannel context

Our context bus provides a bridge between your mobile, web, chat, IVR, video, voice and other interaction points to create Omnichannel customer experiences. Information about customers, such as who they are and what content they've just been viewing is preserved along the way to create a continuous experience for buyers.

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IVR bypass

CaféX IVR Bypass makes 800 number dialing and confusing voice menus obsolete. As customers simply tap to call from a mobile app or website, contextual information such as the customer's identity, location, browsing activity and other details are used to bypass the IVR and ensure intelligent routing to the appropriate specialist.

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Call back

Customers no longer have to wait on hold. Within your apps, present them with the option to request an immediate or scheduled call back instead. While they are waiting, give them regular status updates, such as position in queue and estimated wait time. CaféX Call Back works in conjunction with leading contact centers.

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Visual IVR

As an alternative to automated voice menus, customers can access services more quickly through CaféX Visual IVR. Display all of your existing interactive voice response (IVR) Voice XML form, menu, prompt, choice, and audio elements in visual format within the user's mobile or web application using style sheets to match user interface & device requirements. VXML and other data sources are converted into dynamic user interfaces in real time.