Make online meetings
part of your workflow

Join one-click video meetings from almost anywhere,
even within your business applications.

Meetings by CafeX

Meet live without leaving the app you’re in

Save time and avoid frustration by using voice and video collaboration as part of your business applications.

Best of show winner at Enterprise Connect, CaféX Meetings lets you join with one click from your own web or mobile application. 

Customize meetings to fit seamlessly within your applications with unprecendented control over features and appearance.

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Maximum productivity, total peace of mind

Also available as a standalone application, CaféX Meetings connects participants securely at home, the office, or in a public space. Easily control access to meetings and limit participation to authorized parties only.

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Get more from your meetings 

Feel like they’re in the room

Communicate with others using HD video and high quality audio conferencing, and record each immersive experience.

Collaborate and share ideas

Exchange text, links and images over live chat, share screens, annotate, cobrowse with others and distribute cloud-stored documents securely. 

Bring meetings into your apps

Embed meetings seamlessly in your business applications with easy-to-use, lightweight toolkits for JavaScript, iOS and Android platforms. 

Customize at every level

Enable features for each participant, meeting or server and gain complete UI and UX control for white labelling and embedding needs.

Tie in your productivity tools

Schedule meetings from Google or Outlook® calendar, use for secure file sharing, plus create and display meeting details in Slack. 

Click once, skip the download

Users can join from mobiles and every web browser with nothing new to install, plus dial in over the PSTN or connect from popular SIP endpoints.

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