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CaféX Live Assist®

Make it simple to extend real-time engagement to your customers within mobile and web channels, including co-browse, click-to-call, video chat and more.

Live Assist Short Code: the easiest way to co-browse

While on the phone with customers, provide them with a simple code to start co-browsing immediately from a browser or mobile app. Solve customer issues faster with nothing for users to install and no telephony integration needed.

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Annotate and fill out forms

Company experts have access to a simple pen tool to annotate on remote users' web pages and mobile app screens. Links, pictures and documents can be pushed from the expert to the visitor for faster information sharing. And experts are able to fill out forms remotely for customers.

Co browse benefits

Better co-browsing

Unlike most co-browsing technologies, CaféX avoids sharing the Document Object Model (DOM) between the user and the expert, because DOM can create browser compatibility issues and lacks support for native mobile apps. CaféX's unique technology supports co-browsing on iOS and Android and avoids formatting inconsistencies between browsers.

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Securely integrated

As customers share their app screens and browsers with experts, Live Assist ensures that sensitive information, fields and regions are hidden from the expert's view. This enterprise-ready solution also works with existing business collaboration systems to ensure IT investments are protected.