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CaféX Chime

Chime, our latest award-winning product, securely connects cloud and video collaboration systems to every browser with no downloads and easier scaling for IT.

Collaboration just got easier

Chime provides a simpler way for people to collaborate via web, voice and video conferencing. Join meetings securely with one click from any web browser. Avoid all the usual hurdles, like downloading plugins, switching browsers or entering passcodes.

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Augment existing systems

Chime makes it easier to connect browser endpoints and mobiles to cloud-based and existing collaboration systems. Employees, partners, guests and other remote participants can easily join web, voice and video meetings.

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Every browser, no new downloads

Chime connects to every web browser type with nothing new for users to install. Chime is also easier for IT to deploy and maintain, remaining serviceable even as browsers constantly auto-update.

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Compelling cost savings

Chime can reduce MCU utilization by over 50%, lower WAN bandwidth for video traffic by as much as 75%, and reuse existing platforms to ensure collaboration investments are protected.

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Ideal for diverse, strict networks

Chime provides a simpler architecture for integrating cloud and premises-based conferencing systems. With no footprint in the DMZ, Chime traverses firewalls easily and provides a single security policy for voice, video and web traffic.