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Our Products

CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Revolutionize digital customer service on Dynamics 365. With Live Assist, your business can provide personalized live assistance within web pages and apps through chat, co-browse and video support. Omnichannel service helps you resolve issues faster and increase customer satisfaction.

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CaféX Meetings

Easily collaborate with everyone everywhere with our award-winning solution for one-click online meetings. Join audio and video conferences on time without having to install extra software. Chat, screen share, and click to add meeting links to calendar invitations. Connect to existing systems and traverse firewalls easily to reach every user.

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CaféX Spaces

Front end your existing tools with virtual workspaces that bring customers, partners, and teams together with one click to drive business outcomes. Accessible from the cloud on any device, these easily customizable workspaces let participants collaborate instantly, share and access digital media, request approvals, trigger notifications and much more in order to expedite project workflows.

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CaféX Supervisor Assist

Make contact center agents more effective by providing them with live coaching during customer calls, with collaboration driven by real-time analytics. From anywhere on any web browser, experts can listen to customer conversations, text chat with agents, see agents' desktops and even highlight or click through sections for enhanced real-time interaction.

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Enterprise WebRTC

Elevate customer and workforce engagement through easy-to-use toolkits that embed HD voice and video calling within mobile applications and websites. Avoid browser plugins and integrate natively with iOS & Android. In-app calls can connect to existing SIP-based UC and contact center infrastructures.

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